Lets face it, there is no running away from this sweet tooth of mine. If I was going to change my eating habits, I was going to have to find a way to bring dessert along with me. What I didn’t realize was how easy, and tasty, it would be. Just a little research and a few trial runs will give you proof that these things don’t have to leave you feeling so guilty. Just a few glances onto a nutritional label and some simple ingredient swaps and you have yourself something that will both satisfy your craving and fuel your body. So, here’s a collection of recipes I’ve found, or created, to do just that. And guess what, there may be a few indulgences in here too because enjoying things in moderation is a-ok!

9 thoughts on “Desserts

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  2. Just found your site and I’m excited to try some of it soon! Quick question…when you say to use say, 2 tablespoons of PB2, do you mean 2T of just the powder, or 2T of the powder reconstituted with water? Thanks!

    • Let me know which ones you try and how they turn out! I’m referring to the dry powder, FYI 🙂

      • Thanks, I will for sure! Still on a bit of a restricted diet, but once I am free to be a little more liberal with my ingredients, I’m coming here and going for it! Got you bookmarked. And thanks for answering the question!

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